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Offers relaxed living by bringing together lush tropical greenery, first class amenities with the convenience of professional property management service in one secured community.It incorporates natural elements like water and greenery thru the use of fountains and planting strips which not only accomplishes the mentioned principles but also add a pleasing environment to the end users.

The developers have thought long and hard about the perfect facilities and amenities to provide at The Amaryllis. Complete with a serene environment that makes you feel as if you’ve left the hustle and bustle of the city far behind the moment you’ve stepped through the gate, residents can enjoy a truly wonderful home life. The impressive entrance gate will become a warm and welcome site, transporting you to a place that is more than just home.


Almost half of the land space (2,345 sqm) has been assigned to amenities, providing residents with a huge amount of communal space to enjoy. Landscaped gardens, water features and a variety of greenery can be found throughout the development, offering a peaceful ambience away from the noise of the city. There are some truly amazing features to enjoy as you walk around the grounds, including the picnic grove, a small tranquil hideaway, surrounded by greenery. For true tranquility, head to the garden atrium.

As you walk into the luxurious, 5 star hotel inspired lobby, the peace continues. Beautifully decorated and complete with a comfortable lounge area, it’s the ideal place to meet with a neighbor for coffee, or greet your guests.

Swimming Pool Complex

The swimming pool complex is an amazing addition, offering residents a huge lap pool which is great for exercising and relaxing alike. Additionally, a kiddie pool is located nearby for the children to enjoy without getting into danger. Surrounding the pool is a wonderfully relaxing pool deck and lounge, complete with stylish palm trees and loungers. If you crave a bit of shade, just head to the cabana, the ideal place to relax with a cool drink and a good book. The views over the city are great and can be enjoyed from the soothing waters of the pool.

Health and Wellbeing

On the ground floor, you’ll find a large, well equipped gym. Complete with all the machines and equipment you could ever need for a full body workout, it’s the ideal place to get into shape, and it’s right on your doorstep. Large windows provide ample light and a comfortable environment, as they look out onto beautiful water features and greenery. The gym is complete with its own shower room, keeping you fresh.

Sky Park

For a fantastic place to relax after a long, hard day, head to the roof, where you’ll find the superb Sky park and roofdeck. This landscaped garden will transport you to exotic gardens of faraway lands, and is an excellent place to socialize or relax.

Function Room

A large function room on the ground floor can also be used to host parties and events, or even business meetings. The spacious room is fully equipped with everything you could need to ensure you’re the host with the most.

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